3d & ux

With ecommerce's innovative globalization, we've come to see our daily lives change with apps that become a staple in our society such as venmo and paypal, but we are not necessarily given a visual experience that allows us to strive away from looking at flat images on the internet. With that in mind, this project's goal was to be a start of the solution to create a stronger communication between designers, buyers, and consumers through the use of virtual reality.

In the video, the audience will be taken into a world constructed in 3D that displays three different clothing brands: Tomorrow is the End of the World, Hood By Air, and Bored Kids Who Draw. Each structure represents an individual brand's aesthetic with inspiration ranging from superstudio (bored kids who draw) to gender-neutrality (hood by air).

Credits: Bei Kuo, Bored Kids Who Draw, Hood By Air, & Complex Media